Year 2 – Orienteering and Team work.

Year 2 had a go at simple map reading. Firstly they had to make sure they orientated the map correctly so it was the right way round, then they had to plot a position on the map.

The next activities involved team work. The children had to work out how to get across a make-believe river without falling in and only using 3 mats. Finally they had a go at a trust trail, leading their partners around whilst they were blindfolded. We only lost a couple of children in the bushes from poor directions.

DSCN3732 DSCN3697 DSCN3698 DSCN3703 DSCN3710 DSCN3715 DSCN3716 DSCN3719 DSCN3726

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A very muddy Forest Schools session.

The children had a great time out at Forest Schools today even though it was raining. Lots of mud pies and cakes were made, some of the boys were making traps and the children made a penguin colony from penguins they had made the day before.
It was very muddy today and we must apologise for the muddy clothes coming home, but the children really enjoyed themselves!

20160122_102118 20160122_102147 20160122_102153 20160122_102222 20160122_102226 20160122_102359 20160122_103154

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Year 4 – Pond dipping

Year 4 enjoyed a sunny afternoon of pond dipping and nobody fell in!! The children found lots of life in the pond including, phantom midge larve, water boatmen, water louse, cyclops and leeches. Sam gave me lots of disgusting information about how leeches used to be used in hospitals… YUK! thanks Sam.

DSCN3425  DSCN3427   DSCN3428  DSCN3429


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Year 4 – September 2015

Year 4 had their first visit to Forest Schools this academic year, it was also Miss Morgan’s first session. They investigated mini beasts and their habitats, looking under logs, in the tall grass and leaf piles. The children found a variety of bugs including lots of spiders, worms, millipedes and also two newts. They used their results to continue their Science lessons and Miss Morgan also linked the activity to a Maths challenge.

Next week it’s Pond Dipping!



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Year 1 – making shapes

Year 1 made shape frames out of sticks and then discussed their properties.

FS shapes

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Year 1 den building



We started to build a den out of branches from a fallen tree.

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Year 1 – Castles

20150311_113407[1] 20150318_141757[1]


We built a fort by cutting branches from a fallen tree and pushing them into the ground. Then we weaved thinner sticks and grasses around the edge to make it stronger.

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Welcome to Forest Schools at Beehive Lane

Welcome to the Forest Schools blog. Please keep visiting for updates on what each class has been doing and lots of photos.


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